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Moms Who Meditate (Weekly Drop In)

  • Friendship Fitness Studios 4039 Brentwood Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T2L 1L1 Canada (map)

Would you like to ease the challenges, frustrations and exhaustion of being a mom? Learn practices to help you navigate the bumps and grooves in the road of parenting with MOMS WHO MEDITATE. This is a drop-in meditation class designed JUST for you! 

The intention of the MOMS WHO MEDITATE class is to assist you in: 

  • Learning how to ease up on judging ourselves and others and how to be kinder to ourselves, our children, and our spouses/partners/caregivers.
  • Learning how to be less reactive (angry, anxious, afraid) and more responsive (wise, kind, skillful).
  • Learning how to use meditation to become aware of what's out of balance in our inner world and stop blaming the outside world for our problems.
  • Discovering a beautiful array of meditation techniques to help enhance mind+body health and wellness.
  • Finding a sanctuary in your week; a safe and comforting space in which you feel appreciated, supported, nurtured, understood and accepted.
  • Have the freedom and flexibility to drop in to learn these practices without over committing yourself to a registered program that doesn't always suit moms' changing schedules!


This is a 30 minute class that integrates mindful breathing, mindful meditation, a weekly momtra (mantras that speak to moms), and a VILLAGE of fellow moms looking to either start a mindfulness practice, or connect with other moms on an existing mindfulness practice. There will be an optional moms community cafe in a coffee shop on site that serves local kombucha, tea, and coffee/espresso. Each weekly community cafe will have a topic highlighted based on participants' asks from the areas of mindful parenting, mindful partnering, mindful eating, mindful mom self care, and more. 


Each class is unique. We meditate, we talk, we laugh, we share, and I will always show up for what's in the room... where moms are at on a given day.



As a mom of 2 toddlers as well as Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, I can tell you that mindfulness practices --- from the mat to the plate with mindful movement, meditation, and mindful eating --- have helped me be a more responsive mom and helper. It's my sincere hope you'll find our time together becomes a sanctuary in your week; a safe place where you feel appreciated, supported, nurtured, understood and accepted.