Wholistic Health YYC

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Science backed wellness services provided in a collaborative, comfortable setting by two athletes + healthprofessionals. Meet Stephana and Sally. Both competitive runners, passionate community leaders, but also qualified health professionals. Sally provides services as a Registered Psychologist + meditation guide + yoga teacher. Stephana offers services as a Pharmacologist.

Wholistic Health YYC’s counselling and consultation practice is rooted in the sciences — psychology, pharmacology, nutrition, and neuroscience that we use when providing research-backed interventions. But we nurture and grow our relationship with you by taking a wholistic approach. This involves mindfully attending to each person or family unit as a WHOLE person — including body-mind-spirit, as well as the social and environmental factors influencing one’s situation. 

What makes WHyyc practice unique and effective?

-We’re not about quick fixes, but rather intentional, realistic, and enduring shifts. 

-We are a psychologist and pharmacologist duo who are on a mission to facilitate a researched-backed, wholisticapproach to health care for clients and promote wholisticliving for the greater community.

-We assist you in raising awareness of health, wellness, and dietary-related behavioral issues and facilitate behavioural and emotional change.

-Our Psychologist’s expertise and therapies span from Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Health Psychology, Nutritional Psychology, Play Therapy, to Sport Psychology. 

-Our Pharmacologist offers assessment of health history, sleeping habits, digestion, energy, current food intake, recent lab work, medications, and current supplementation. The assessment drives a custom-tailored action plan that can either be followed independently after an initial consult or for a period of time collaboratively. 

While we see clients of all ages and walks of life, we have special interest, research experience, and formal training specializing in work with athletes, moms pre- and post-natal, and young children. 

Depending on areas of growth and personal interests, psychological and pharmacological support can include mindfulness meditation, food+mood journaling, pharmacology assessments and recommendations, thought and body sensation tracking, breathing techniques spanning goals of energizing to relaxing, mindful movement such as yoga, mindful meal prep and eating exercises, art, gratitude journaling, crafting essential oils to support health, personal intentions and mantra creation.

We hope to share our personal and professional tools with you!  Learn how we can support you TODAY through individual, couples, family, and small group counselling and consultations, as well as through larger group workshops and interactive experiences.  **Detailed psychology receipts and pharmacology receipts are issued to clients for health insurance and income tax purposes.**