Fitness/Yoga Studio

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Friendship Fitness is a Multipurpose Movement Studio designed for teachers, coaches, instructors and professionals to host their classes and workshops in a underground and industrial styled space.

At approximately 400 square feet, the studio is suitable for classes of approximately 10 - 12 people.


Whether you are looking for bright and high energy, or dimmed and relaxed, Friendship Fitness is equipped with 8 Hue Light Bulbs throughout the entire space. Hue light bulbs can individually change to any colour on the spectrum, while also having full control of each bulbs brightness, allowing for every class to be completely personalized.

Sound System
The space is equipped with 4 speakers in the ceiling allowing the entire room to flood with whatever music or mood is sought after. The equipment is ‘plug-and-play) allowing for simple connection and volume control.

The studio is approximately 10.5 feet be 40 feet, allowing for all participants to comfortable fit next to one another.

The space comes with 4 Turbo-Aire Velocity Fans that pushes 11,000 CFM. The fans have 3 adjustable powers, however their default is set on high.

Change Rooms
The space comes with 2 private change rooms, stocked with assorted amenities, and space for bags, coats and other storage materials. Across the hall, their are both male and female washrooms, stocked with lockers that require a personal lock.


Monday to Friday - 6:15AM to 9PM
Saturday - 9AM to 9PM
Sunday - 9AM - 6PM

Please note, during peak hours, there is a mandatory 15 minute transition period between all classes built into the schedule. If there is no built in transition period for your booking, please try to leave a 15 minute buffer between yours and the next booking (before and after).


Single Bookings
$30.00 / hour
$25.00 / hour (4 hours +)

Reoccurring Bookings
12 Classes for $300*

*Book 10 reoccurring classes at the same time every week,
& receive 2 additional free weeks worth of classes at the same time

All bookings are first come first serve

No refunds 60 days before your booking


Click your start time and drag down until the end of your desired booking. Double click your booking time to insert details and confirm booking. Once details are added, create a simple account, add your payment information and book your time!

Minimum 1 hour per booking.


2 x Bosu Balls
2 x TRX
2 x Exercise Balls
10 x Pilates Balls
2 x Ab Rollers

Wall Balls
2 x 10lbs
2 x 20lbs

Power Logs
2 x 20lbs
2 x 30lbs

12 x Padded Mats
6 x Padded Half Mats

10 x Large Circle Bolsters

1 x Exercise BikeAtmosphere
1 Diffuser (Lemon scent)

Speed + Agility
1 x Agility Ladder
6 x Agility Hexagons
2 x Mini Hurdles
50 x Agility Cones
10 x Jump Ropes
2 x 30ft Battle Ropes

2 x 6 Inch Plastic Step Ups
2 x 12 Inch Steel Plyo Boxes
2 x 18 Inch Steel Plyo Boxes

20 x Heavy Mini Bands
10 x Medium Mini Bands
10 x Light Mini Bands
2 x Medium Resistance Bands
2 x Light Resistance Bands
2 x .05 Strength Bands
2 x .075 Strength Bands

Kettle Bells
4 x 10lbs
2 x 15lbs
2 x 20lbs
2 x 25lbs
2 x 30lbs
2 x 40lbs
2 x 50lbs

20 x Medium Foam Yoga Blocks

5 x 18 Inch Foam Rollers
20 x Yoga Straps
40 x 1lbs
40 x 2lbs
40 x 3lbs
40 x 5lbs
5 x 10lbs