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More than a market, The Village ReLove Market allows individuals to share items that just don’t fit in their wardrobe anymore. Find gems, throwbacks or your simply favourite brand hidden among the collection of clothes up for sale!

40 Tables, filled with clothes, shoes, accessories and more!

NEXT MARKET - October 26th, 2019 - 12pm - 4pm

Interested in selling some of your closet? Fill out the form below!

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Facts and Questions

How do I apply for a Table?
Simply complete the online application form above, providing as much detail as possible.

What are the table fees?
- Tables are $50 a table.
- All Vendors are required to make a $50 deposit in order to secure their table. Tables are not secured until money is received.

I've applied, what next?
- After applying, you'll receive email confirmation that your application has been received. If you do not receive confirmation, we haven't received your application.  Please allow up to 14 days to receive a response.

What can I sell on my table? (IMPORTANT)
Shirts, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Sweaters and Jackets. Accessories include: Shoes, belts, jewellery, bags and scarves. No limit on the amount of clothing that can be sold. No underwear or bras.

What's the deal with table presentation? 
We hope you choose to present your table as your own mini-boutique. It makes the market way more fun when sellers take the time to plan and create beautiful table spaces. Elements include flooring such as mats and rugs, presentation stands and creative price tags are encouraged! All tables are standard 6 foot rectangular plastic tables. We recommend a cloth to cover your table.

If I sell all of my clothing before 4pm, can I leave early?
We expect all vendors to stay until the end of the day. Any vendor that leaves early will not be considered for any future wardrobe sales.

What do I need to bring as a Stall Holder?
Clothing, hangers, price tags, change for payment, credit card machine (optional) and your friends!

Do you have powered sites?
Unfortunately we do not power any of the spaces.

How long will it take for my application to be considered?
Applications will hopefully be done in 2 days.

Can I share a table? 
We encourage all tables to have one clear merchant.

Can I purchase two tables? 
We like to offer the market to as many vendors as possible, so we limit tables to one a person.

Do I need credit card accessories?
No, but it is highly advantageous to have these facilities available. Other options include PayPal and Square. There is no ATM on site and The Village does not provide any change.

Does my space have internet?
The Village offers free wifi throughout the entire building.